Glossary of surface technology

Improved adhesion

  1. The adhesion between two substances can always be improved by cleaning both solid surfaces thoroughly. Better than any other process, plasma cleaning can remove ultra-fine contaminations even in narrow cracks, undercuts and cavities.
  2. Surfaces with a low surface tension must be activated so that they can be adequately wetted. zu erhalten. Suitable processes for activation are flame treatment, corona treatment and plasma treatment; but only plasma activation can reach every component geometry.
  3. An enlarged surface ensures better bonding. Surface enlargement can be achieved by grinding, sandblasting, plasma etching and micro-sandblasting. Mechanical processes will always leave residues (grinding powder) which partially destroy the positive effect of the surface enlargement. By means of plasma processes, the same level of surface enlargement is achieved with a surface disturbance in the range of 1 µm.
  4. Removing oxide layers by plasma treatment.
  5. Applying an adhesion promoter intermediate coat. With liquid primers or by means of plasma coating.
  6. PTFE can only be made gluable with highly aggressive alkaline solutions or by pretreatment in a hydrogen plasma.

Testing the adhesion or wettability by means of the test inks is absolutely necessary in order to be able to achieve optimum results in further processing.


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