We also offer used plasma systems for purchasing. The prices depend on the state and the optional features installed. Besides the selection described below, our range of used system comprises many more low-pressure plasma systems. Please contact us to ask about other models.


We always stock a number of used systems of all sizes. Each system has been checked by us and is ready for immediate use. As a rule, used systems are available at very short notice and an attractive price. Some options can be retrofitted also in used systems. Call us for advice.
We will also be happy to submit a quotation for a rebuilt machine.

The machine you are looking for is not in the list? Please contact us.

Our stock of used systems changes daily.

Please call for further information. 

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Used plasma system Atto

Technical data:

  • Chamber: round borosilicate chamber with cover
  • Generator: 40 kHz 200W
  • Controls: Pirani analog with timer
  • Electrode: Standard electrode

Used Tetra 5200 LF-PC

Technical data:

  • Control cabinet: W 2000 mm, H 1800 mm, D 1000 mm
  • Chamber: W 1500 mm, H 2350 mm, D 1500 mm, aluminium, rectangular
  • Chamber volume: approx. 5200 litres
  • Gas supply: 2 process gases, controlled via mass flow controller
  • Generator: 3 pc. (40 kHz each)
  • Controls: Controlled via PC

Used plasma system Femto SLS

Technical data:

  • Chamber: round stainless steel vacuum chamber with cover
  • Electrode: Standard electrode, 1 products carrier
  • Generator: 40 kHz 100W

Used plasma system Pico SLS

Technical data:

  • Chamber round/rectangular: rectangular stainless steel vacuum chamber with door
  • Generator: 40 kHz 100W
  • Controls: Pirani analog
  • Product carriers: 4-tier products carrier, tier electrode

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