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If you prefer not to carry out the surface treatment for your components yourself, make use of the surface treatment services on our premises. We offer several plasma systems as well as qualified and experienced staff who will ensure that your parts and components receive optimum surface treatment. The surface treatment services are provided by Diener plasma GmbH & Co. KG. Our company is certified to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and DIN ISO 13485: 2016.

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Options in surface treatment services

Plasma cleaning, activation, etching and coating is possible for almost all materials. We can accommodate components of a size of up to 1.90 m x 1.30 m x approx. 1.40 m and bulk goods in high volumes of up to 50 l per batch; smaller systems are available for small volumes.

Diener Electronic Surface treatment service Components
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Diener surface treatment service plasma system
Plasma system
Diener surface treatment service plasma powder system
Plasma powder system
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Diener surface treatment service plasma system
Plasma system

PWIS-free cleaning

Today, PWIS-free components are required in many applications.
These components must be free of paint wetting impairment substances. This is a precondition not only for the actual painting process but also in all downstream processes; primarily in the automotive sector, the demand for this service is increasing.
Via plasma cleaning, almost all materials and components can be cleaned to meet this requirement.
Since this is an ultra-fine cleaning process, heavily soiled parts may possibly need to undergo pre-cleaning first.
Next, the cleaning status can be checked by means of a paint wetting impairment test.
Here, the standard specified by the customer is used, e.g. VW standard 3.10.7 or Festo standard 9420102.
After cleaning, the parts are packaged contamination-free. At the customer’s request, a cleaning certificate is issued confirming PWIS-free status of the parts.

Determining the wetting angle

To find whether a surface has the suitable surface tension for a specific further processing step, digital wetting angle determination can be used.
We will be please to determine the wetting angles for you. The resulting images can be saved directly and placed at your disposal.


For a long time now, complete traceability has been mandatory not only for medical products.
Whether in the automotive industry or in aerospace technology – in many industries, the applicable standards or the customers themselves demand that every product must be traceable through all stages of its manufacture.
Plasma treatment is no exception. Thanks to our special system control software, this requirement can be met without any problems.
The automatic program control saves every process in a dedicated directory. It comprises all data about the product treatment, including the limit value parameters of the entered program.
It is also possible to forward the data or save them to a database to prevent data loss in case of a computer failure.
A process printout can be made after each completed batch. The respective volume is defined at the start of the program.
The completed batch is then allocated to the product is by means of a label which indicates the same data as the production log, and which is applied to the packaged product. Here, too, the quantity can be freely selected in advance.
The batch as well as the day and time of treatment day and the treatment time are visible at a glance from the label.
All documents on the current treatment are collected in the product folder.
These product folders are generated for each customer and article so that all data such as order, delivery note, manufacturing order, order confirmation and logs are available in one place.

Further assembly processes

If components should be further processed as quickly as possible due to a short lifetime of the activation (e.g. metals), we can optionally carry out straightforward assembly processes for which no special previous knowledge or tools are required, directly in our house as part of the surface treatment services, e.g. stick labels on the products.

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