Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Electrical engineering
  • Elastomer technology
  • Research and development
  • Packaging technology
  • Plastics Technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Optics
  • Solar cell and battery manufacturing technology


Fields of application

  • Robot applications
  • Integration in existing production lines
  • in connection with fully automated production line

Technical data


  • Frequency: 20 kHz, power: 300 W, treatment width: 8 - 10 mm (depending on surface properties and process parameters)

Operation and controls

Semi-automated mode via SUB-D connector at the rear panel (switches plasma on and off).
Automatic process monitoring by the integrated performance control.

Process gas and cooling gas

Dry and oil-free compressed air; 5 bar, approx. 2 m3/h
(are made available externally)

Supply unit

  • W 300 mm, H 200 mm, D 300 mm, weight 20 kg

Plasma generator

L 210 mm, diam. 32 mm, weight 0.5 kg

Flexible supply line

PVC protective tube

diam. 19 mm, L 3 m, bending radius 100 mm

Intermediate transformer

  • W 205 mm, H 235 mm, D 115 mm
  • 6 m connecting cable between supply unit and transformer


  • Supply voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Controls: SUB-D bushing 25-pole
  • Process and cooling gas: dry, oil-free compressed air

Additional options

Plasma nozzle long:

  • Ø 5 mm; length 28 mm (incl. thread).


Compressed air filter with additional microfilter:

  • Kit designation: AF20-F01 / AFM20-F01


Test inks

  • Test ink for easy analysis of the surface tension.
  • The kit comprises 28, 38, 48, 56, 64, 72 and 105 mN/m.


Longer flexible supply lines:

PVC protective tube

  • 19 mm in diameter
  • Length: 3 m + 5 m (with transformer in the middle) 
  • Transformer weight: approx. 5 kg
  • Transformer dimensions: L 230 mm x W 200 mm x H 110 mm


Indicator labels for atmospheric pressure plasma:

  • Comprises 9 labels per sheet
  • For checking the success of the plasma treatment


    Plasma jet monitoring via LDR measurement incl. air purging:

    • 2 light sensors (1 x plasma light signal, 1 x reference light)
    • Digital output
    • Signal evaluation electronics not installed in the PlasmaBeam housing (separate housing required due to EMC).
    • Error message from the evaluation electronics is switched in series with the Plasma On signal
    • The measuring head (with 2 sensors) must be installed at the same height as the nozzle
    • Incl. air purging
    • One monitoring per nozzle is required


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