PlasmaBeam RT

Atmospheric pressure plasma system with rotating nozzle

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With our new product, the PlasmaBeam RT, provides the perfect solution for fast, efficient and broad in-line plasma treatment of 2D surfaces.
The RT can be easily integrated into existing production lines, enabling automated cleaning and activation of various components and web-shaped materials.

Featuring two complementary aligned nozzles rotating at high speed during operation, we make a plasma treatment width of up to 120 mm possible, with the consistent quality and effectiveness of atmospheric pressure plasma systems, which you have come to expect from Diener electronic. 
Parts such as sheet metal, foils, textiles, displays or, for example, large-area housings can be professionally plasma-activated and/or ultra-fine cleaned with the PlasmaBeam RT.

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Technical data

Supply unit

(Table-top housing) W 560 mm, H 355 mm, D 540 mm

Plasma generator

W 184 mm, H 600 mm, D 192 mm
cable length: 3 m

Treatment width

Max. 120 mm


Frequency: 20 kHz, power: ~ 2 x 300 W

Process and cooling gas

Dry, oil-free compressed air
Inlet pressure: 5 - 8 bar
Gas consumption: approx. 4 m³ / h

voltage supply

100 - 240 V / 1.5 A

Operation and controls

Via elements at the front panel of the unit
Semi-automatic control: Remote control via remote connection at the rear panel of the unit


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