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Our strengths are competent advice and individual customer care. We work hard to find the optimum solution for your specific requirements. We see ourselves not only as a manufacturer and supplier of plasma systems, but first and foremost as a service provider and problem solver in the field of plasma surface treatment.

Innovative power for new problem solutions

We act extremely fast and flexible. For us, new technologies, changed market requirements and special requests of our customers are not a problem but a welcome challenge. They allow us to improve our products continuously and to expand our range of applications, and open completely new fields of application for plasma surface technology.


Maintenance and repair service

We know that the success of your company depends on the reliability of your machines. Machine downtime resulting in production standstill causes high financial losses. A well cared for plasma system maintained at regular intervals is the best prerequisite for preventing downtimes. Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in plasma technology for:

  • Maintenance and repair in Germany and all over the world
  • Updates (e.g. of software)
  • Calibration of measuring instruments
  • VDE measurement
  • Improvements to the system settings
  • Help with process engineering questions
  • Rental machines and rental pumps to tide you over repair times

Our highest goal: Your satisfaction

The loyalty of our customers proves that our work fulfils your requirements. This is confirmed by much positive feedback from happy customers.


Availability of our service staff

Our service staff is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. German time, except on German public holidays.

With our many years of experience, we are deeply familiar with the requirements and scope of maintenance of the individual assemblies.
For this reason, we develop service modules you can combine to create a concept that is individually tailored to your system, giving you a perfect service package for carefree operation of your plasma system. Another benefit is the improved predictability for maintenance budgets while maintaining a defined scope of services.
Our regular maintenance and repair work ensures that your systems function perfectly with a minimum of downtimes. Furthermore, we will determine the actual condition of your plant during the maintenance appointment.

Protecting the quality of your system

To ensure CE conformity, we recommend:

  • Regular maintenance on an annual basis
  • Maintenance intervals of 6 months in case of more than 4 hours of use per day on average
  • Maintenance intervals of 3 months in case of 3-shift operation


Maintenance contract

On your request, we will gladly submit our quotation.


  • Commissioning can take place beforehand at Diener electronic’s or on site at the customer’s
  • Optionally, commissioning can be amended by additional process training

Machine repair

  • Troubleshooting on site
  • Troubleshooting on the premises of Diener electronic in Ebhausen


In a first step, it must be determined whether the system needs to be sent to Diener’s or whether a service technician is required on site.
For return to the manufacturer, you need the forms FB028 Declaration of Contamination and FB019 Returns Advice.

Machine overhaul & modification

In compliance with the requirements, it must be determined whether the measures will be taken on site or at Diener electronic’s.

Maintenance and repair

Guidelines for maintenance of plasma systems:

  1. Cleaning the system
  2. General visual inspection
  3. Checking the chamber + its interior
  4. Checking the filter / silencers
  5. Checking the flushing system
  6. Checking the activated carbon filter (if installed)
  7. Checking the control cabinet
  8. Checking the safety switches
  9. Checking the general components
  10. Checking the safety-relevant components
  11. Checking the seals
  12. Checking the pump
  13. Leakage test vacuum + gas supply
  14. Leakage rate measurement / leak test
  15. Performing a trial run


We offer inspection and comparative measurements of the following components as optional services:

  • Mass flow controller
  • Pressure sensor
  • Temperature measurement system
  • RF power measurement
  • VDE testing of electrical systems and production equipment pursuant to BGV A3, DIN VDE 0701 and VDE 0702
  • Checking the vacuum pump
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Other tests available on request if feasible

A surcharge will be charged for work outside of our regular working hours, i.e. on Saturdays/Sundays/public holidays as well as evening or night work.
For reaction within a specified time, percentage surcharges will be charged.
Please ask us for the applicable terms.


Machine transfers / relocations

We will gladly take over dismounting and remounting incl. commissioning at the new site.


Our range of maintenance services also includes training:

  • On the premises of Diener electronic in Ebhausen
  • On site at the customer’s

Spare parts service

All major spare and wear parts are available at our spare parts warehouse This guarantees extremely short reaction times.
Thanks to our high stock levels, many spare parts can be dispatched promptly. Nevertheless, stocking certain standard spare parts is advisable. On your request, we will be pleased to assemble a spare parts set of wear parts, specially adapted to your product-relevant system. Our service will be happy to advise you. Of course, we also offer a repair and replacement service for spare parts.

Rental of system components

In case of failure of your complete system or major system components, there are the following options for avoiding standstill and loss of production:

  • Sending in the defective system for repair
  • Renting a system component
  • Renting a system
  • Purchasing the system after the rental period


Often, minor problems can be clarified in a phone call
with our technical support:

  • Service hotline +49 (0)7458/99931-200
  • Remote access
  • Telephone support  +49 (0)7458/99931-200
  • Email support
  • Remote maintenance
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