Plasma in automotive engineering



Plasma applications have become indispensable in car manufacturing. Coordinated processes are a prerequisite for consistently high quality of the products. Our systems meet the requirements of pretreatment technology in automotive construction, such as removal of manufacturing or silicone residues by means of plasma cleaning. Plasma activation can be used as a pretreatment before gluing or painting; another option is plasma etching of high-performance plastics and the application of a plasma coat as adhesion promoter (plasma primer).

Frequent applications of plasma in automotive engineering

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Some production processes in automotive technology are problematic, such as getting the flock coating to stick permanently to the glove compartment or the inscriptions to remain intact on the switches. Often, the flock coating on the glove compartment will flake off or the logo printed on the gear stick will become illegible after some years of use. Obviously, this is not acceptable in a premium car.

Another annoying detail is the accumulation of dirt in many places which we touch every day. The steering wheel as well as the gear stick are particularly affected. Due to the constant contact with the driver’s hands, the accumulation of germs and dirt could not be prevented.

Also the paint adhesion on plastic components is often a problem. Due to their poor surface energy, plastic parts are difficult to paint. If the paint sticks to the substrate at all, adhesion is often not permanent. It goes without saying that a manufacturer of high-quality cars will not be happy with paint flaking off plastic parts.

Our plasma treatments can remedy these and other problems.
With our many years of experience in this sector, we will find a convincing solution for almost every difficult task.

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