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A large number of references from a wide range of industries demonstrate our experience and success in the field of plasma technology. With us, the customer always comes first. Many references from a wide range of industries, different countries and continents confirm this claim.
Working with a wide range of industries, we were able to hugely improve and extend our internal know-how in recent years. Solution approaches and problem solutions can be applied across industries.

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Projects with cooperation partners


As a future-oriented company, we emphasize research and development. Our objective is the continuous improvement of our products and the development of innovative processes and systems.

A competent team of experienced scientific experts is available to support you in theory and practice in all your research projects.

In addition to single-company R&D projects, we also successfully completed R&D cooperation projects together with other companies and research institutions in recent years. Thus, new ideas are constantly being developed to make existing products even more efficient and to open up whole new business areas.

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Development of nano-scaled functional surfaces on complex components for automobiles based on plasma-based processes.

As part of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs, further R&D projects were implemented

ITV Denkendorf Produktservice GmbH

Plasma-assisted high barrier coating of plastic films through alternating organic and inorganic layers

Member of the project committee on the…


Project: Development of a plasma activation system for the continuous activation of carbon fiber surfaces using plasma.

A plasma activation system…

ITV Denkendorf Produktservice GmbH

As part of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs, further R&D projects were carried out with the following research institutions

[Translate to english:] pro inno

Development of a short cycle low pressure plasma system

The project was funded by the program "Promotion of increasing the INNOvation competence of…

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