Vacuum chambers made of aluminium

Unique flexible chamber system

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We, the company Diener electronic, have been manufacturing vacuum systems for 25 years. During this time, we were able to gain a huge wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of vacuum technology. We incorporate this concentrated knowledge into our current products to improve them constantly. In doing so, we also challenge things that have "always been done that way", such as the classical structure of a vacuum chamber.

The result is a unique, flexible chamber system based on extruded aluminium profiles. The three meter long profiles are cut to the desired length and equipped with a bolted rear wall and a door. Slits are provided in the side walls of the profile for easy insertion of the product carriers.

Model 1

Length: 300 mm or 600 mm, width: 110 mm, height: 120 mm, connectors: 3 KF 16

Model 1: Technical drawing

Model 2

Length: 325 mm or 600 mm, width: 150 mm, height: 160 mm, connections: 4 KF 16 and 1 KF 40

Model 2: Technical drawing

Model 3

Length: 420 mm or 600 mm, width: 240 mm, height: 240 mm, connections: 2 KF 16 and 3 KF 40

Model 3: Technical drawing

Model 4

Length: 370 mm or 620 mm, width: 305 mm, height: 300 mm, connections: 1 KF 16 and 5 KF 40

Model 4: Technical drawing

Model 5

Length: 300 mm or 650 mm, width: 572 mm, height: 125 mm, 1 KF 16 and 4 KF 40

Model 5: Technical drawing

Model 6

Width: 400 mm, height: 600 mm, length: 625 mm

Model 6: Technical drawing

Model 7

Outer diameter: 700 mm, inner diameter: 640mm

Model 7: Technical drawing

This system has great benefits:

✓ Flexible length of max. 3 meters
✓ Very fast delivery
because only door and back wall must be supplemented  
✓ Low-cost
✓ Low-weight
✓ No complicated product carrier installation required
✓Colour of your choice possible by anodising
✓ Excellent thermal conduction
✓ Highly clean processes possible, e.g. in the semiconductor field  
✓ Easy operation
✓ No welding required, parts can be easily attached
✓ Easy attachment to the existing division bars

Below, please find a list of the available profile types with the respective dimensions. If desired, it is possible to buy the profile only. 

Options available on request: Additional flanges in the chamber sides, heating, door switch, special lengths

    Vacuum chambers


    A vacuum chamber, a hermetically closed vessel, is the heart of every vacuum system. Diener electronic uses three different types of vacuum chambers: stainless steel vacuum chambers, aluminium vacuum chambers, and glass vacuum chambers. We check which vacuum chamber provides the best results for the respective application. Thus, we can always offer our customers the best solution with the matching vacuum chamber.

    Glass vacuum chambers (borosilicate or quartz)

    Borosilicate glass vacuum chambers are for high-purity plasma processes. Quartz glass vacuum chambers are for ultra high-purity plasma processes.

    Stainless steel vacuum chambers

    Stainless steel vacuum chambers are for standard plasma processes.

    Special vacuum chambers

    In accordance with DIN 12198, a UV irradiation measurement was performed on our systems (inspection glass). Result: harmless. Special vacuum chambers are available in round form with a lid and rectangular form with hinged door. Made of aluminium, they also have different opening diameters and inner dimensions. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice.

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