• Niederdruck Plasmaanlagen zur reinigung, aktivierung, ätzung und beschichtung

    Low-pressure plasma

    In the low-pressure plasma technology, gas is excited in a vacuum by a supply of energy. This results in energetic ions and electrons, as well as other reactive particles, which constitute the plasma.


  • Vollautomatische Plasmaanlage von Diener electronic

    Inline/fully automated systems

    A short-cycle system can be easily integrated into an existing production line. A fully automated short-cycle plant will also exclude the possibility of operator errors.


  • Super Hydrophobe Beschichtung mit Plasma und Parylene

    Hydrophobic coating

    Parylene coatings prevent the failure of vital electronic components. They can make electronic components, assemblies or entire devices almost completely resistant to moisture, chemicals....


  • Atmosphärendruck Plasmaanlage von Diener electronic

    Atmospheric plasma

    With atmospheric plasma technology, gas is excited by means of a high voltage under atmospheric pressure, such that a plasma is ignited. The plasma is expelled by compressed air from the nozzle.


What is plasma?

Here, our plasma systems come into play

When energy is continuously supplied to a matter, the temperature of the matter increases and it passes from solid state to liquid and finally to gaseous state. If the energy supply continues, the existing atomic shell disintegrates and charged particles are created (negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions). This mixture is referred to as plasma or the "fourth state of matter".

In short: Change of the aggregate status under energy supply:

solid ⇒ liquid ⇒ gaseous ⇒ plasma

Natural plasma occurs for example in lightning, polar lights, flames, and the sun. Artificially created plasma is found in neon tubes, welding processes and in flash bulbs, among others.

Plasma is used in applications where it is important to combine materials or to specifically change their surface properties. This future-oriented technology allows for modification of a wide range of surfaces. Thus, many different applications are feasible, such as

  • ultrafine cleaning of small and micro-components
  • activation of plastic surfaces before bonding, painting etc.
  • Surface etching and partial removal of various materials such as PTFE, photoresist etc.
  • Coating of components with PTFE-like coats, barrier coats, hydrophobic or hydrophilic coats, friction-reducing coats etc.

Nowadays, plasma technology is established in almost all sectors of industry, and new applications are being developed constantly.


Our systems

We offer tailor-made solutions

We manufacture plasma systems tailored to your individual requirements, taking the following aspects into consideration:

  • expected material throughput
  • size of the parts to be treated

The size of the special plasma systems depends on the required chamber volume, defined to match the customer’s specification. Equipped with automatic door, sliding door or rotary drum, these systems are used in batch / serial production. Customers who intend to use all four main applications (cleaning, activation, etching and cleaning) will benefit most from our systems. We can implement chamber volumes of any size, from the special plasma system Tetra - 30 - LF with its 30-litre chamber up to the Tetra -12600 - LF - PC with its 12,600-litre chamber.

Our strengths are  competent advice and individual customer care. We work hard to find the  ooptimum solution for your specific requirements. We see ourselves not only as a manufacturer and supplier of plasma systems, but first and foremost as a  service provider and problem solver in the field of plasma surface treatment.

Innovative power for new problem solutions

We act extremely fast and flexible For us, new technologies, changed market requirements and special requests of our customers are not a problem but a welcome challenge. They allow us to improve our products continuously and to expand our range of applications, and open completely new fields of application for plasma surface technology.

Diener electronic – the reliable partner at your side

Benefit from our  many years of experience in the application, design and manufacture of plasma systems. Our experts will help you to optimise your work processes. Benefit from our know-how and our unique product and services package in the field of plasma surface treatment.

Automotive engineering

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Medical engineering

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Solar technology

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Textile industry

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Watchmaking and jewellery industry

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Packaging industry

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Examples of use

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Diener Electronic is an international market leader in the manufacture of plasma systems. At an event organized by the Nagold Adult Education Center...

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In the Zeller School in Nagold, the apprentices’ day took place on 17 July.

We got the chance to present three of the eight apprenticeships offered...

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Inline systems

The inline system is a plasma bell system used for automatic inline treatments in a vacuum. A product carrier with the specimens to be treated is automatically fed under the chamber (bell) and a plasma process is initiated. This system can be easily integrated into an existing production line. A typical process will be as follows: Open the chamber, generate the vacuum, feed in the process gas, ignite the plasma, vent, open the chamber Typical cycle times are 1 minute, 30 seconds or 15 seconds. Short-cycle systems are used in the fully automated production of an item if surface pre-treatment is required at a certain point in the production process. Plasma cleaning and activation typically takes place before bonding, casting or packaging. The short-cycle system combines the premium quality of a batching process with the speed of inline production and additionally excludes operator errors./p>



Training with Diener electronic

Diener electronic has been taking on apprentices since 2002. Since we train apprentices in many different jobs , we already have much experience even though we are still a young enterprise. 
WWe ensure that our apprentices receive well-founded training and finish their apprenticeship successfully in the hope of winning a gute und erfolgreiche Ausbildung, um später eine qualified, loyal employee with high technical expertise. Meeting our apprentices on a basis of honesty and trust is important for us. We see ourselves as tutors accompanying our apprentices on their way to their future careers. From early on, we give them the chance to develop their personality and to work independently and responsibly.
We encourage them to contribute their own ideas and hold their own views. Our aim is to have good people stay with the company and offer them perspectives for their future.