Plasma indicators

Plasma indicators are a simple and fast test method for evidencing successful completion of plasma processes

If component surfaces do not exhibit the desired properties after completion of plasma treatment, customers will raise cost-intensive complaints in many cases. However, there are simple and relatively quick procedures that can be used to prove the successful completion of a plasma process.

What are plasma indicators used for? e.g. for process control in the following plasma processes: cleaning - activation - etching 


Low-pressure plasma indicator – adhesive label

There is a dark (brown) indicator point on the coated foil covering the label which turns invisible on successful completion of the plasma process. If the indicator point is no longer visible, cleaning - activation - etching has been completed successfully.

The plasma indicator labels are made of foils with a special coating which are applied to the component to be treated during the plasma process.

Atmospheric pressure indicators

The plasma indicators are adhesive labels coated with a special fabric.
On successful completion of the plasma process, the fabric will dissolve. This is the first feature which proves at a glance that a plasma treatment was successful. Till now, this proof required a lot of
technical effort.

More information on Atmospheric pressure indicators

The atmospheric pressure plasma indicators  can be used for the following areas:

  • Evidence of the successful treatment on the component
  • Setting the optimum treatment distance and the optimum treatment rate
  • Testing the functioning of the atmospheric pressure plasma system

The question of how to prove successful completion of the plasma process is raised often. Proof of proper functioning of the atmospheric pressure plasma system can be submitted by the indicator.
For this, the plasma indicator is exposed to the plasma beam during treatment.
successful process with optimum treatment distance, optimum treatment rate, and functioning plasma nozzle will fully destroy the fabric and thus submit proof of the surface modification.

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