Glossary of surface technology

System components


A low-pressure plasma system has the following components:

1 Control

The low-pressure plasma systems are available with four different controls.

Semi-automatic | Basic-PC | Full-PC

Depending on the customer’s individual requirements, the optimum operating method can be selected. With the version Basic PC control and up, you can intuitively generate processes and run them in a fully automated manner. During the process, the system monitors and adjusts all major parameters, or issues an alarm if adjustment is not possible. For highly complex processes or applications which require detailed process documentation, the Full-PC control is the method
of choice. 

2 Vacuum chamber, Product carriers, electrode

Vacuum chamber
Various product carriers are available to place your parts in the vacuum chamber:
Borosilicate glass | Silica glass | Aluminium | Stainless steel
Depending on the material of your choice, chambers of various sizes are available.

Product carrieres
For positioning your components in the vacuum chamber, choose from our range of product carriers:
Silica glass boat | Special product carrier tailored to your requirements

Various electrodes for igniting the plasma in the chamber can be installed:
Tier electrode | Rotary drum | RIE electrode | PE mode | Potential-free | Switchable electrode

3 Generator

A generator is required for a plasma system to function. Which frequency is the best frequency for the desired plasma application cannot be answered in general terms, but must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Depending on the process and application, various generator frequencies are available:
40….100 kHz | 13,56 MHz | 2,45 GHz

4 Gas supply | Monomer supply

Diener electronic offers various methods for supplying the gases and monomers:
Needle valve | MFC | LFC | Dosing pump | Bubbler bottle


To generate the vacuum in the chamber, various types of pumps are available:
Rotary vane pump | Dry-running pumps for corrosive gas processes |Roots pumps |
Diaphragm pump


The components of an atmospheric pressure plasma system

1 High voltage generator

The generation of an atmospheric pressure plasma is done by means of corona discharge at high voltage of up to 10,000 Volt. The high voltage generator is integrated in the supply unit of the plasma system. integriert.

2 Plasma generator

 In the plasma generator, a corona discharge is ignited between high-voltage electrodes. The generated plasma is blown off via the plasma nozzle

3 PC-Control

4 Supply hose

Power and air supply lines in a flexible hoses 

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