Glossary of surface technology

Atmospheric pressure plasma

A technical plasma which is excited at regular ambient pressure. The process gas is usually purified dry compressed air, or alternatively pure oxygen or nitrogen. It is excited via gas discharge at high voltage. Due to the small free path at atmospheric pressure of the particles, the plasma is confined to a small space.

See the video for an explanation of the principle of the PlasmaBeam atmospheric pressure plasma:


Atmospheric pressure plasma is suitable for a wide range of applications. Primarily, however, the Plasma-Beam series is intended for local pretreatment of different surfaces, e.g. cleaning and activation of polymers, metals, ceramic, glass and hybrid materials.

But the Plasma Jet process can also be used for coating. Thanks to their unique compact design, atmospheric pressure plasma systems by Diener electronic are suitable for use with robots and for integration in existing, automated production lines.

You can find more information and a small selection of our plants under: Atmospheric pressure plants

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