Glossary of surface technology

Fibre composite

A fibre composite is a material (matrix) in which fibres of a different material are embedded. This can for example serve the purpose of achieving a higher dimensional or temperature stability. Usually, however, it is intended to generate a higher rigidity or stiffness. <br/>Very often, the matrix is a plastic, but metals or ceramics are used as well. Glass fibres and carbon fibres are the most commonly used reinforcement fibres, but aramid, polyethylene, and natural fibres are found as well. <br/>The term ‘fibre composite’ is often abbreviated to ‘composite’, which is also understood to refer to advanced composites. bzw. Advanced Composites verwendet. To improve the quality of a composite, the reinforcement fibres can be plasma-treated before impregnation with the matrix, in particular by activation or coating, to improve the adhesion to the plastic matrix.

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