Glossary of surface technology


Polyamides are very frequently used plastics and construction materials. They belong to a material family whose polymers are formed from a linear arrangement of amide groups. In addition to variations of the original family based on various amide monomers, there are numerous variants by co-polymerisation with other polymers, blends and additives, such as plasticisers. Furthermore, polyamides are often modified with solid aggregates such as reinforcement fibres.
Polyamides are non-polar materials. Usually, their surface must be modified to make painting, printing, bondingor lamination possible, for example by plasma activation.
Also, polyamides are a very important base material for the production of synthetic textile fibres. The aligned parallel orientation of the polymers produces a linear reinforcement in direction of the fibre. In 1938, the polyamide fibre nylon was produced as the first fully synthetic textile fibre.

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