Glossary of surface technology


To ensure permanent movability without any maintenance, components must be lubricated for life. Oil lubricants have the property to melt to mono-molecular thickness in the course of time, i.e. most of the lubricant will creep away from the actual lubrication point.

The method to avoid this creeping is called epilamisation. It is based on making the surface of the lubricated components lipophobic so that oils do not dissolve but contract. For this, their surface tension must be smaller than that of the lubricant. Among all solid materials, only PTFE provides such a surface. The main field of application is the epilamisation of micro-mechanical gearboxes, particularly those which move constantly – usually the gear wheels in a clockwork mechanism. Als Methode zum Aufbringen von PTFE-Schichten hat sich die Plasma technology has been established as a method for applying the PTFE coats. PTFE coating in a low-pressure plasma is done by means of polymerisation of fluorinated gases. Even if dry friction occurs between the PTFE coats, the frictional forces and the abrasion will be reduced to a minimum.

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