Coating technology

Different coating technologies can be used to apply or deposit functional coats. Depending on the coat-substrate-combination and the application of the coats, different coating systems are used for the coating processes. However, one coating system can be used to carry out different process variants (e.g. LF sputtering, PECVD, PACVD). For the coating of plastics, kommen low-temperature processes are used. In plastic-coating systems, temperature-sensitive polymers and metals can be treated to receive protective coats. A range of processes are available for coating plastic materials. In addition to galvanic processes, mainly PVD coating and CVD coating are used; of these, CVD coatings are generally easier to implement. Since some of the thicknesses of the deposited coats are in the µm range or smaller, the terms thin film technique, thin film technology and thin films are used in addition to the above-listed names.

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