Glossary of surface technology


PlasmaBeam is Diener electronic’s product family forsurface treatmentat atmospheric pressure. 
PlasmaBeam machines comprise asupply unitwithhigh voltage generator, a plasma generator with plasma nozzle and a flexible line for supply ofhigh voltageand process gas. Theplasmais ignited bygas dischargein the gas jet and blown off together with the gas jet through theplasma nozzle. Different nozzles provide for optimisation tailored to the respective application. The plasma nozzle is fit for robot control. Treatment at free atmosphere allows for continuous inlineplasma treatment. PlasmaBeam is primarily used for activation but is also suitable for cleaning and some coating processes. Usually, cleaned and dried air is used as aprocess gasbut N2, O2 or N2H2 are suitable as well.

See a video of how the PlasmaBeam works:

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