Vacuum systems


In addition to the plasma systems, Diener electronic also offers vacuum systems. Here, we benefit from our experience from the construction of more than 8000 low-pressure plasma systems. All vacuum systems are tailored to the customer’s requirements. The are used for example as vacuum ovens, manual casting systems, conditioning systems or systems for testing components under vacuum.


In the construction of the ovens, we use the same time-proven components as in the plasma systems. Thanks to the patented vacuum chambers made of extruded aluminium profiles, we are able to offer the systems at an unparalleled price-performance ratio.

Vacuum oven


The purpose of vacuum drying is the same as with conventional drying methods: To dry substances that are mixed with water or other liquids. However, vacuum drying offers some decisive advantages over conventional drying. Sensitive products whose properties must not to be changed during drying can be processed particularly gently under vacuum. 

The start the drying process, the pressure in the drying cabinet is slowly lowered. The lower the pressure, the lower the temperature at which water passes from the liquid to the vapour phase. Compared to a drying process with only heat input, drying is achieved much faster, more efficient and more gentle. 

The process is particularly suitable for products that react sensitively to excessive heat.

Aluminium vacuum chambers for fast and efficient drying

Because our vacuum chambers are made of extruded aluminium profiles, we can offer ovens of any length at an excellent price-performance ratio. Due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminium, the complete heating output can be transferred via the chamber walls into the interior of the vacuum chamber. This ensure a highly uniform and gentle heating of the components. 

Fully automated control

All Diener vacuum ovens are equipped with a fully automated control which allows for oven operation with defined pressure curves as well as temperature curves. Also complex, multi-ramp drying processes pose no problems. Supply of process gases during the drying process is possible as well. The ovens are controlled and programmed via an intuitive touch screen


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