Process development - finding solutions

Process development by Diener electronic

For in-house process development, we work hand in hand with our customers on a best-fit solution in every case.

The process development can take place at our premises, with or without the presence of the customer, or at the customer's site. The normal sequence, after making contact, is that the customer provides us with some sample parts of the material to be treated, with which the process parameters are determined. The preliminary tests are free, only time-consuming projects will be invoiced. Only after the development process can an optimal system offer be created. This does not mean that no system offer can be provided without process development, but prior evaluation of the necessary parameters is recommended, since a large number of permutations for system optimization are available.

Here at Diener electronic, you have the option of adapting already developed product carriers, electrodes, and excitation frequencies for process development. In addition, we have a wide range of gases, chemicals, equipment and measuring instruments available at any time for development.

If you have questions about the plasma process development of your product, please feel free to contact us.

For your direct contact: phone: +49 (0)74 58 - 999 31-0 or email info(at)