The benefits of this system are enormous:

  1. Flexible length up to three meters
  2. Very fast delivery times, because only door and back wall must be supplemented
  3. Cheap
  4. Light weight
  5. No complicated product carrier installation required
  6. Any color  is possible by anodizing
  7. Very good heat conduction
  8. Very clean processes possible, e.g. in the semiconductor field
  9. Easy processing possible
  10. No welding necessary, parts can be easily attached



Vacuum chamber

We, the company Diener electronic GmbH + Co. KG have been manufacturing vacuum systems for 25 years now. During this time, we were able to gather a great deal of experience and knowledge in the field of vacuum technology.

We asked ourselves, how we could make a vacuum chamber easier and cheaper. The result is a unique flexible chamber system based on aluminum extrusion profiles.

The three-meter-long profiles are cut to the desired length

A front door and a back wall are easy to attach by screwing.

In the following, the available profile types are listed with their dimensions. If desired, only the profile can be purchased.

Standard chambers available immediately:

Model 1:

Length: 300 or 600 mm, Width: 110 mm, Height: 120mm, Connections: 3 x KF 16

Model 1: Engineering drawing

Model 2:

Length: 325 or 600 mm, Width: 150 mm, Height: 160mm, Connections: 4 x KF 16 and 1 x KF 40

Model 2: Engineering drawing

Model 3:

Length: 420 or 600 mm, Width: 240 mm, Height: 240mm, Connections: 3 x KF 40 and 2 x KF 16

Model 3: Engineering drawing

Model 4:

Length: 370 or 620 mm, Width: 305 mm, Height: 300mm, Connections: 5 x KF 40 and 1 x KF 16

Model 4: Engineering drawing

Model 5

Length: 300 or 650 mm, Width: 572 mm, Height: 125mm, Connections: 4 x KF 40 and 1 x KF 16

Model 5: Engineering drawing

Model 6

Length: 625 mm, Width: 400 mm, Height: 600mm, Connections: 6 x KF 40 and 1x KF 16

Modell 6: Engineering drawing

Modell 7

Durchmesser außen: 700mm, Durchmesser innen: 640mm

Modell 7: Technische Zeichnung

Model 7, back, vakuumkammer, aluminium, backansicht
Vakuumkammer aus Aluminium
Model 7,front, vakuumkammer, aluminium, frontansicht
Vakuumkammer aus Aluminium

Options on request:

  • Additional flanges

  • Heated chamber

  • Door Switch

  • Special lengths

  • Custom length


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