Rental system Tetra 100-LF rotary drum
Rotary drum for Tetra systems
Rental system Tetra 100-LF goods carriers
Six-fold product carrier for Tetra systems
Tetra 100-LF for production Cleaning, activating, etching
Tetra 100-LF for production: Cleaning, activating, etching

Rental system Tetra 100-LF

The production system TETRA-100-LF, with its 100-litre chamber volume and fully automatic control, is used in production in the areas of cleaning, etching and activation.


Technical data:

Switch cabinet:
W 600 mm, H 2200 mm, D 800 mm

W 400 mm, H 400 mm, D 625 mm

Chamber volume:
approx. 100 litres

Gas supply:
2 gas channels via needle valves

40 kHz/0-2500 W
(optional: 13.56 MHz or 2.45 GHz)

Vacuum pump:
Leybold, type D 40 B ( 40 m3/h)

Parts intake:
up to 10 product carriers
(optional: rotary drum)

fully-automatic, process time via timer