PICO UHP rental system
Small system Pico UHP: Also suitable for the cleaning of optical components
plasma lighting
Plasma in glass vacuum chamber of the Pico UHP

PICO UHP rental system - available at short notice

The five-litre PICO UHP laboratory system, with its four-litre chamber volume and semi-automatic control, is mainly used in the following areas:

  • Small batch production
  • Analytics (REM, TEM)
  • Medical technology
  • Research and Development departments
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Plastics


UHP stands for Ultra High Purity. This designation applies to the glass vacuum chamber of our plasma systems, which can be borosilicate glass or quartz glass according to customer wishes. The UHP option is only available for the following systems: Femto, Pico and Nano.

Glass chambers are implemented in microwave systems and/or with applications, which require an ultra-pure surface. Normal stainless steel or aluminium chambers may sputter to a very small degree, like all metals in a plasma system, including the product treated. For most processes, this is not important and entirely negligible. The aluminium parts from the UHP plant are coated with AL2O3. Since the system does not have a stainless steel vacuum chamber, it is suitable for applications in which traces of chromium, nickel and iron are a disturbance.

Technical data:

Switch cabinet:
W 550 mm, H 330 mm, D 500 mm

∅ 130 mm, L 300 mm
Chamber opening: ∅ 125 mm
materials: Quartz or borosilicate glass
front and rear walls of the chamber: Aluminium

Chamber volume:
approx. 4 litres

Gas supply:
2 gas channels via needle valves

40 kHz/100 W, continuous
(optional: 13.56 MHz or 2.45 GHz)#

Vacuum pump:
Leybold, type Trivac D 2.5B (2.5 m3/h)

Parts holding:
1 piece product carrier:

semi-automatic, process time via timer