Plasma indicators

Plasma indicators are simple and fast test methods for the detection of successful plasma processes.

If component surfaces do not have the desired properties after plasma treatment, expensive complaints can quickly ensue. However, there are simple procedures that can be used to demonstrate a successful plasma process without much time.  


What do you use them for?

For process control in the following plasma processes: Cleaning - Activating - Etching


Plasma Indicator Label (Low Pressure Plasma) - Adhesive Label -

The coated film on the label is characterized by a dark (brown) indicator dot, which disappears upon successful plasma process. If no more indicator point is visible, the cleaning - activation - etching was successfully carried out.

The plasma indicator labels are specially coated films which are applied to the component to be treated during the plasma process.

Plasma glass indicator (low-pressure plasma) - glass slides -

The newly developed plasma indicators can now also be used for high-purity plasma processes where the use of indicator labels is not possible. Improvements to the existing model of plasma indicators make them particularly interesting for medical technology. The operating principle corresponds to that of the indicator labels and thus the glass indicators can also be used in the following processes: Cleaning - Activation - Etching.

Gold indicator (low-pressure plasma) -liquid-

Diener electronic's Plasma Indicator Metal Connection offers users of plasma systems the ability to see at a glance whether the scheduled plasma treatment has been successful. The indicator consists of a liquid metal compound which decomposes in the plasma. If a drop of this originally colorless liquid is applied to the component itself or a reference sample, this transforms during the plasma treatment into a shiny metallic layer, which forms a clear contrast on most surfaces.

As an indicator, a liquid metal compound is used, which decomposes in the plasma and leaves a shiny metallic layer on the treated surface.

Atmospheric pressure plasma indicator - adhesive label -

The plasma indicators are adhesive labels equipped with special tissue. If the plasma process was successful, the tissue dissolves. This makes it possible for the first time to demonstrate the successful plasma treatment at a glance. So far this has only been a high one to achieve technical effort.  


The atmospheric pressure plasma indicators can be applied to the following areas:

  • Prove successful treatment on component
  • Setting the optimal treatment distance and the optimal treatment speed 
  • Test the function of the atmospheric pressure plasma system  

Often the question arises of the proof of a successful plasma process. The functionality of the atmospheric pressure plasma system can be detected via the indicator. For this purpose, the plasma indicator is exposed to the plasma jet during the treatment. In a successful process with optimal treatment distance, optimal treatment speed and functioning plasma nozzle, the tissue is completely destroyed and thus the surface change is detected.

instruction for use plasma indicators