PC control/software (screen shot)

Full PC control

We have developed a new software to control our PC systems that is adapted to the special requirements of plasma technology.

  • Control is via a PC.
  • The control is integrated into the system.
  • Windows XP/ Vista/7 operating system.
  • Compressed air control device
  • 100 automatic processes, adjustable with 10 subprograms (e.g. 10 minutes cleaning with oxygen, then reduction with hydrogen).
  • Entry of a comment.
  • Saving of the process data as an Excel file and as a graph.
  • Network card - automatic data export to a network computer is possible.
  • Operation with programs under Windows.
  • Two modes:
    Manual operation: Manual operation of the system via dialog box.
    Automatic operation: Automatic running of a previously created process.
  • Parameters:
    Pump down pressure (until process start)
    Max. Pump-down time
    gas mass flows (ratios)
    Process pressure
    Stabilization time
    HF power
    Process duration with HF
    Rinsing time
    Aeration time
  • Error limits for: Mass flow, process pressure, HF power.
  • Digital pressure control via PI/PID controller, i.e. not for control of the mass flows, but actual pressure stabilization.
  • Pressure control is carried out in real time and throughout the process time.
  • Display of all program steps in real time mode.
  • Safety-related settings such as controls locked for safety reasons, as long as the chamber door is open it can not be pumped out.
  • Recipient: shows the state of the door switch, over-temperature switch and vacuum switch.
  • Input of a batch number and an operator.
  • Maintenance intervals can be set individually, depending on the operating hours.
  • Sensitivity to pressure control is adjustable.
  • Alarm archive with display of all alarms.
  • Detailed error messages, e.g. the current gas flow of gas 12 strongly deviates from the setpoint.
  • Diagram also available in full screen mode.
  • Programming only possible with password entry (safety for production).
  • In the data archive all stored processes incl. file info can be viewed any time.
  • Interval specification possible for rotary drum (e. g. 60 seconds, stop 60 seconds, rotate 30 seconds stop.)
  • Gas supply: The setpoints for each mass flow controller (MFC) can be specified, the actual values are displayed.
  • Process-independent settings, but system and customer-dependence is possible (types of gas, mass flow controllers, pressure regulators, cooling water, storage location and type).
  • Standard language selection: German, English, OPTIONAL other languages on request.
  • Signal tower (red and green signal).

The following options are possible on request:

  • For the management of various electrodes, selection of electrode monitoring is possible (e.g. rotary drum/tier electrode).
  • Acoustic signal at the end of the process if desired.
  • Timing for evaporator is possible.
  • Control of the temperature display is possible.
  • Current cooling water temperature is displayed.
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Protocol printout via standard printer. Printer is not included.
  • Diagram layout can be customized.
  • Monitor for DC bias source.
  • Barcode reader
  • HF generator can be pulsed.
  • Temperature display
  • Mandatory configuration of the PC controlled system:
    - The system must be equipped with at least 1 MFC.
    - Pressure monitoring is required
    - A generator with PC interface is required.