Basic PC control

We have developed a new software to manage our systems that is adapted to the special requirements of plasma technology, namely PC control based on Windows CE.

The device has a 3.5 "TFT display with touch screen (optional 7"). With its full graphic colored surface with the Windows look and feel, simple intuitive operation is possible. In contrast to normal LCD displays without touch functionality, no further keypad, e. g. with function keys for multi-level operation is required.

There are two modes of operation: Automatic and Manual.

Manual mode

Functions of the PC control in manual mode:

  • Activation and deactivation of single units is possible, e.g. valves, by simply tapping their icons
  • Setpoints can be entered by tapping a group, e.g. the generator.
  • A Context dialog appears in which the desired values can be changed using the touch screen with virtual switches ±.

Functions of the PC control in automatic mode:

  • 50 configurable program locations are available for programming.
  • Programming is possible directly via the touch screen on the device. No external programming device or PC is required.
  • Each program can be assigned a program name.
  • Display of the chronology of relevant process variables in graphs.
  • Display of the current process step and the elapsed process time on the Main screen.
  • Display of alarms via flashing LEDs and alarm list for easy fault diagnosis.
  • Multilingualism (German/English), other languages on request.
  • Ethernet network connection remote access.
  • A USB port is available which can be used to store programs, etc., alarms, process values on USB memory sticks.
  • The controller has no rotating parts, thus no hard disk and no fan, and is consequently maintenance-free.
  • The boot time of the device is very short.
  • Collected process data can be saved in text format on a memory card in the device and copied to a USB memory stick. Direct reading of the stored data is possible in Excel (only included if the Data logging option has been ordered).
  • The touch panel PC can be remotely controlled from an external PC With the integrated Ethernet network connection(only included when ordering the option Remote control).
  • Mandatory configuration of the PCCE controlled system:
    - the system may be equipped with MFCs as well as with needle valves
    - This control is not suitable/designed for Plasma polymerization processes.
    - a generator with PC interface is required.
    - We recommend FULL PC control with MHz generators.