Parylene P260

Parylene coatingsystem P260
Parylene coatingsystem P260

Deposited materials: parylene N, C, D, F-VT4, F-AF4

Range of thicknesses: 0,05 to 100 micrometers


width: approx. 2600 mm

depth: approx. 1000 mm

height: approx. 2000 mm

Pyrolysis: 4 kW / max. 850 °C 

Gas injection: homogenous dispersal system

coating chamber of the P260
View into the coating chamber of the P260

diameter: 640 mm
height: 800 mm

diameter: 560 mm
height: 650 mm

Cold trap:
liquid N2

Pump system:
two-stage rotary pumping speed 1800 m3/h

Ultimate pressure:
1 x 10-3 mbar

full PC control system,
software based on Windows

3 phase/400 V/32 A/50-60 Hz

Compressed air:
6 bars oil free and dry

42 mm tube

Heater jacket to improve D coating
Heat exchanger to improve N and F coating
LF generator for pretreatment
Silane vaporization system
Coating thickness gauge