Parylene = Nonpareil surface protection

Diener electronic purport to provide the ideal surface solution for all cases.

In many cases, a parylene coating is the ideal solution for protecting high-quality components, modules or devices.

Parylene is a group of polymers that are chemically precisely referred to as para-xylylene.

In one applicable, only for this class of materials processing technology, virtually transparent protective layers can be produced, that are:

  • regardless of the substrate contour a constant layer thickness of less than 1 micron deviation.
  • from 1 micron reliable "pinhole-free"
  • thermally stable (depending on the parylene type)
  • chemically inert (resistant to a variety of chemicals)
  • resistant to environmental influences and UV radiation
  • adhere very good on plasma cleaned and pre-treated surfaces
  • conformal cover  complex contours, edges, slots, cavities



Coating equipment

The unique process requires a very special plant technology, which is only designed for parylene coatings.

In design and manufacture of equipment Diener electronic can refer to its experience from the production of more than 6000 low-pressure plasma systems, and rely on a perfect vacuum / electronics and control technology.

Especially for parylene coatings, it is of great advantage that the system fits perfectly to the geometry and size of the parts.



The material

There are several basic types of parylene in order to optimize the coating, depending on the type of chemical, thermal, mechanical or radiation stress.

In all cases, the raw material is the powdered dimer.

Diener electronic supplies the necessary materials in the purest form and tuned to the plant engineering.

Moreover, diener electronic delivers the optimal solution for the adhesion pretreatment.

The components will be optimally prepared, when they will be first cleaned by plasma cleaning by Diener electronic low pressure plasma systems.

The components will be optimally prepared, when they will be cleaned by plasma cleaning by Diener electronic low pressure plasma systems.




Parylene coatings will be used, where…

  • components are exposed to intense attack by chemicals, radiation, environmental influences.
  • components and devices are safety related and therefore not allowed to fail.
  • substrates are very valuable, and to be preserved in its original state for a long time.



Unbeatable: The Diener electronic – Service

It is obvious for us that production parameters will be optimized in our development process.

A technical laboratory equipped with all facilities and a scientific staff is available for this purpose.

Straight components that are to be protected by Parylene, often require a clean procedure.  In this case we also offer contract coating.

Our service team will install our coating equipment with you and take it into operation.