Plastic surfaces

Typical drawbacks of plastic surfaces: 

  • Poor adhesion of lacquers, coatings, paintings, glue
  • low hardness and wear resistance

These drawbacks can be avoided or the surface properties can be improved at least by plasma treatment.:


  • By plasma activation and etching wetting and adhesion for coatings can be significantly improved.
  • By plasma polymerisation and by PACVD technologies wear and scratch resistent layers can be deposited
  • Even by plasma polymerisation self-cleaning hydrophobe and super-hydrophobe coatings can be deposites even as hydrophilic layers.
  • By plasma coating, particularly by PACVD-technique optical layers can be deposited such as anti reflective coatings on transparent plastics of glasses and lenses.
cross cut test
The cross cut test shows if adhesion for coatings is sufficient.