Polyolefines are plastics based on pure hydrocarbons and therefore characterized by a minimum of modification of fossiles hydrocarbons. The most important polyolfins are Polyethylene and Polypropylene, but there are additional represents such as Polybuten (Polybutylene). Polyethylene are economic and relatively enviromental friendly plastics. They can be easily used for recycling and in case of energetic recycling the can be handled similar to fossile fuels. Also the energetic content is similiar to fossile fuels.

Polyolefins are non polar, they have low surface energy and in order to achieve sufficient adhesion in coating, painting or glueing processes they need to be activated, preferably by plasma activation with oxygene used for process gas.

Tubes are often made from polyolefines because they are resistent against water and many solvents, have low coefficient of friction, are cheap and easy to handle in thermoplastic production processes.