Polybutylene terephtalate (PBT)

Semicrystalline thermoplastic plastic. It has a polymeric structure similar to the one of Polyethylene terephtalate. Both are based on an aromatic monomere and are typical polyesters. Also the blend of both materials PET/PBT has practical relevance.

Anyhow properties and applications of materials are significantly different. While PET can be dominantly amorphous (in particular in its use for bottles, PBT allways has a mainly crystalline character. Therefore it ist characterized by higher hardness and stiffness and never is transparent.

PBT is mainly used for injection moulding of technical components. Also fibre reinforced compounds are of particular interest because of typically good adhesion between fibres and plastics.

PBT is also used for multi material injection moulding, it can be coated, glued and painted.Treatment by plasma cleaning and plasma activation significantly improves adhesion.

PBT is often applied for multi component products. Plasma treatment can improve adhesion of components significantly.