Polyamides are a family of very frequently applied technical thermoplastic polymers. The polymers are a linear array of amide-groups. Additionally to several groups of polyamides many Co-polymers and blends are in use. Performance of polyamides can also be modified by additives and by fibre reinforcement.

Polyamides are non polar plastics. Their surfaces are characterized by low coefficient of friction but also by a low surface energy, so that polyamide surfaces do not provide adequate performance for glueing, painting, printing and laminating.

However plasma activation is a most effective method to increase the surface energy so that good adhesion of most coatings can be provided.

Polyamides are also most essential polymers for manufacturing synthetic textile fibres. Parallel orientation of polymers leads to a high linear strength in fibre direction. 1938 Nylon®-fibres have been the first synthetic fibres on the marketplace.

Polyamide is the material most frequently used for injection moulding of technical plastic components.
Polymide fibres
Nylon polyamide fibres have been the first synthetic textile fibres on the market.