System Components

Components of a Low Pressure Plasma System:

The Recipient or Plasma Chamber

Plasma Chamber
The Tetra 5200 Plasma Chamber has a capacity of 5,2 m³


Generators to stimulate Low frequency plasma can be provided for the kHz-, MHz- or GHz-Frequency range

Vacuum Pump

Tetra 12600
The largest Plasma System Tetra 12600 with a chamber volume of 12,6 m³ requires several high performance Vacuum pumps for evacuation
Tetra 2800
In large recipients like the 2,8m³ Tetra 2800 the Plasma is generated by a plurality of generators working parallel.

Components of Atmospheric Plasma Systems

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
A complete Plasmabeam PC Atmospheric Plasma System with a High Voltage Generator, PC Control, Plasma Generator and Cable for electric and gas supply