Perfluoralkoxyl (PFA)

Perfluoralkoxyl-polymers are, same as PTFE completely fluorinated hydrocarbons. However PFA can be processed by conventional thermoplastic technologies such as extrusion and injection moulding while PTFE only can be processed by sintering.

However temperatures to process PFA need to be very high because these polymers have extremely high temperature stability. Melting point is 310°C.

In many respect PFA have outstanding character similar to PTFE, most particularly regarding their stability against almost all chemical substances. Because of these characteristics PFA are mainly used for laboratory equipment, vessels and containers for aggressive substances and pump components.

PFA cannot be etched, glued, painted or printed by conventional methods. However they can be activated by plasma etching so that all of these techniques are possible.




Perfluoralkoxyl (PFA)
Components made from Perfluoralkoxyl-Polymers (PFA) can be glued and printed after plasma treatment