Parylene are polymers which form extremely inert a stable thin film coatings to protect high sensitve substrates. The popular designation parylene is a short cut instead of the correct chemical designation Poly-para-Xylylene.

Superior characteristics of parylene thin films:

  • Almost completely resistant against any acid or solvent
  • Layers of a few µm thickness are completely closed and inpermeable for liquids and gases.
  • Very resistant against any kind of aging
  • Parylene coatings are characterized by extremely uniform thickness independent from the conture. Uniform film thickness follows edges and grooves.

In the parylene coating process the monomere reacts under vacuum conditions directly on the surface to the polymer.

Due to this outstanding performance parylene are favorite coating materials for electronic devices.

parylene coating
A major application of parylene is coating high sensitive electronic devices for protection against enviromental influences
Parylene Thin films
Principles of parylene polymerisation technology.