Process to remove material from a solid surface, usual caused by chemical reactions. However also processes using only physical effects are designated as etching processes (Physical Etching, Ion Etching).

Specific etching processes are:

  • Cleaning of surfaces by removing Oxyd-layers or adhering layers.
  • Changing surface structures for example because of optical reasons (creating mat surfaces) or to increase the effective surface due to its roughness for better bonding
  • Creating geometrical structures by covering destinct ares of a surface before starting the etching process, so that the covered areas remain unaffected by the etching

    Etching is executed in reactive liquid substances (wet method) or by Plasme Treatment (Plasma-Etching) with an appropriate Process Gas. Some examples for Plasma-Etching are Silicon, SiO2 und Si4N3 in microelektronic business, Metals coated by an Oxyde and plastic materials when sufficient bonding performance cannot be achieved by Plasma Activation (for example PTFE)



    Plasma Etching
    Processes occuring by Chemical Plasma Etching.