Epody Resin

An Epoxy Resin is made of polymers which result in the formation of a duroplastic material of high strength and chemical stability depending upon the reaction procedure involving the addition of a suitable hardener. The compounds contain hydroxy groups and epoxy groups at the ends which are capable of reacting with other compounds in different ways. Coatings based on epoxy resins are characterised by high adhesive strength, impact strength and abrasion resistance. The coatings are resistant to solvents and acids.

Because of these properties many adhesives and matrix materials for fibre reinforced composite materials are based on epoxy resins.

High bonding strength is possible if substrates receive plasma treatment before. The treatment involves Plasma cleaning, activatioen and etching as well as - in some cases - agents which form interlayers, in particular silans. The performance of Advcanced composite materials can be improved if plasma yarn treatment improves adhesion of the epoxy resin to reinforcing yarns.