Glossary of Terms

13,56 MHz, 2,45 GHz, 27,12 MHz, 40 kHz,


AblationABS, ABS Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol, Absorbing, Absorption, Accessories, Acetone, AcidAcryl, Acrylic Resin, Activation, ActivatingActive SpeciesAdherenceAdhesion, Adhesion Improvement, Adhesion of lacquerAdhesive agentAdhesive strengthAdsorbing, Adsorption, Advanced CompositeAFM, Aggregate PhaseAir PlasmaAluminium, Aluminium painting, Aluminium cleaning, Aluminium Oxide, amphiphile, amorphousAnionAnisotrop, anisotrop, Anode, anodic BondingAnti Finger Print, anti adhesive, antiadhesive Coatingsanti septic cleaning, Applications of plasma, Aqueous dye, Argon (Ar), Argon plasma, aromatic, Aromaticity, Asbestos, Asbestos Analysis, Ashing, Aspect RatioAtmosphere, Atmospheric PressureAtmospheric Pressure Plasma, Atmospheric Plasma, Atom, Atomic Force Microscopy AFMAuger Effect, Automotive Painting, Automation, Automotive Engineering


Band Gap, Barrel Plasma Etcher, Barrel Reactor, Barriere Layers, Base material for printed circuit boards, BenzeneBias Voltage, Binding energy, Blown Film, BlendBlocking, Bonding agentBonding GlasBonding Wire, Borosilicate Glass


carbon, carbon fibrecatheter, cathode, cation, caoutchouc, CCRF, CDE, ceramicsCF4, ChamberCharcoal, Charge Exchange CollisionChemical Reaction, Chemical Etching, Chemisorption, Chipchip packaging, Chromium, Chromium Sulfur Acid, Circuit BoardCircuit PathCleaning Aluminium, cleaning copper, CleanroomCoating, Coating MethodCoating of Plastics, Coating PTFECoating techniqueCOC, cohesionCoil-Coating, Cold plasmaColour of plasma, CompositeContact angle, contaminationCopolymer, Copper, Copper cleaningCorona, Corona Discharge, Corona Treatment, Corrosion, Corrosion protectiveCoupling agent, covalent binding, crateringCross Cut Test, Cross Cut Tape Test, CrystalCVD, CVD Coating, Cyclo-Olefin-Copolymer


DBDDepolymerisation, Disinfection, decreasing contact angle, decreasing surface tension, deep drawingdesmear, Desmear Process, desmearing, Desorption, Diamond Like Carbondie bonding, Dielectric barrier discharge, Diffusion layer, DirtingDLC, DLC coatingdopingdownstream plasma, downstream reactorDRIE, dry, dryasher, drycleaner, dryetcher, dry etchingdryoven, Duplex Surface Engineering


Easy to clean, Electrode, Electron, Electronegative Plasma, Electron Microscope, Electron Volt, Electronic Control, Electroplating of plasticsElectropositive Plasma, Electric ArcElektrostatische Aufladung, Elongation, EmbrittlementEPDM, EPM, Etching, Etching Circuit BoardsEtching GlasEtching Mask, Etching PTFE, Etching TeflonEthylen-Propylen-(Dien)-Copolymer, EPDM-profile, Epilam Layer, Epilam Coating, Epitaxy, Epoxy Resin, Epoxide, ESCA, Exhaust


FaradayFatigue strength, Fibre reinforced composites, Film, Film treatmentFinish, Flake OffFlame Treatment, FlangesFlockingFluorFluxing agent, Foto resist, Foto resist ashing, Fotolithography, FotoresistFunctionalization


Gallium Arsenid, Gallium-Arsenid, Galliumarsenid, Gas chargeGas, Gas discharge, Gas flow, Gas supply, GDOS, Generator, GHz Plasma System, Glas, Glas etching, Glas Bonding, Glas fibresGlass Transition TemperatureGlow, Glueing, GlueGraphen, Graft Polymerisation, Ground state


Hard material coatsHexamethyldisiloxane, HF-Generator, HMDSO, HMDSO coating, high-puridity surfaces, High VoltageHigh Voltage Discharge, High Voltage Generator, Hydrocarbon, Hydrogene, Hydrogene plasmahydrophilHydrophile Surface, Hydrophob, Hydrophobe Surface, hydrophobic


IC, ICP (inductively coupled plasma), Impregnation, Improving Adhesion, Improving Lacquer Adhesionincreasing contact angleInduction, Inductive Plasma, Inert Gas, Increase Surface TensionIncrease Wetting, Interface EnergyIon, Ion densityIon etching, Ion bindingIon ImplantationIon Plating, Ion Beam Etching, Ion Measuring Sensor, Ionisation, Iron, ISMIsotope, isotrope


KHz-Plasma System


Lab-on-ChipLABSLABS-Test, Lacquer, Lacquer adhesion, Langmuir Probe, Layer thicknessLCP Liquid Crystal Polymers, Leadframe, Lightning DischargeLIGA, LIGA Process, lipophilic, lipophobicLithography, LOC, Low Pressure Plasma, Low Pressure Plasma System, Low Pressure Plasma Technoloy, Low Temperature Plasma, Low Temperature Plasma System,  Lubricant Coating


Magazin, Magnetic Mirror, MagnetronMagnetventil, Mask, MEMS, Metal, Metallising, MFC / Mass-Flow-Controller, MHz Plasma System, MicrochipMicro Fluidics, Micro PlasmaMicro Sandblasting, Micro system Technology, Micro Technology, Microwell, Microwave Plasma, Microwave TechnologyMean free waypath, Modification, modified surface, modifying surface tensionmolecule, Monolitic Integrated CircuitMonomerMultilayer, Mumetall


Needle Valve, Nano-Technology, Negativ ResistNeon lamp, NeutronNukleon


O-Rings, O-Ring-CoatingObject slides, open plasma, open air plasma, Optical Coating, OveretchingOxidationoxidizing, Oxygene


PA Polyamid, PACVD, Painting Aluminium, Painting Plastic, Painting Procedures,  PAN Polyacrylnitril, Planar Reactor, ParylenePB Polybuten, PC Polycarbonat, PCB, PDMS, PE Polyethylen, PECVD, PeelingPerfluoralcoxyl-PFA, Permeation, PET Polyethylenterepthalat, PFA Perfluoralcoxyl, Photon, Photoresist, Physical Etching, Physisorption, Pirani-Sensor, Plasma,  Plasma activationPlasma applicationsPlasmaasherPlasmabeamPlasma boriding, Plasma carbonitridingPlasma carborising, Plasma chamberPlasma chemistryPlasma cleanerPlasmacleaner, Plasma cleaningPlasma coatingPlasma controlPlasma densityPlasma etcherPlasma etchingPlasma diffusion, Plasma effects, Plasma generationPlasma high-puridity cleaningPlasma modification, Plasma nitriding, Plasma nitrocarburising, Plasma oven, Plasma polymerisation, Plasma process, Plasma sandblastingPlasma sprayingPlasma spray coating,  Plasma stripper, Plasma system, Plasma System ComponentsPlasma technique, Plasma technologyPlasma treatmentPlasma unitPlastic, Plastic Activation, Plastic Coating, Plastic Painting, Plastic surfacesPolarity, PolymerPolymerisation, Polyamid (PA), Polybutylen terephthalate (PBT), Polycarbonat (PC), Polydimethyl siloxane, Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)Polymethacrylimide (PMI), Polyolefine, Polyoxymethylene (POM)Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)Polypropylene (PP), Polystryrol (PS), Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE),  Polyvinyl fluoride (PVF), Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)Positive column, Positiv resist, Powder CoatingPP Polypropylene, PPS Polyphenylene sulfide, PrecursorPrimer,  PrintingProton, Process gas, Process timeProtective layerPTFE etching, PTFE coating, PTFE, PUR, Polyurethane, PVC, Polyvinyl chloride, PVDPVD process, PVDF Polyvinylidene fluoridePVF Polyvinyl fluoride


Quartz glas


RadicalsReactive Ion Etching, Reactive Ion Plating (RIP), Reduce wettingReduction (chemistry), RedoxRecombinationRecipient, Release agentRemoving siliconesRIE, Roll-to-rollRoots pumpRotary drum, Rotary Vane Pump, Rubber


Scanning electron MicroscopysccmScratch ResistanceSealSelf-Bias, Semi automatic, Semiconductor, Semiconductor ChipSensitivity, SilanSiliconSilicon carbide, Silicon dioxide, SiliconeSilicon nitride, Silicone removingSilicon waferSilicon ChipSilicone free, Silicone cleaner, Silk PrintSIMS,  SiloxaneSilverslmSMD (Surface Mounted Devices) technology, SolderingSputtering system, Sputtering, Stainless Steel, Sterilization, StimulationSulfur hexafluorideSuper hydrophobe, Supply UnitSurface Activation, Surface CleaningSurface Coating, Surface Energy, Surface ModificationSurface Oxide, Surface TechniqueSurface Tension, Surface TreatmentSurgerysynthetic fibres


Target, Tear test. TeflonTeflon etching, Teflon printing, Teflon painting, TEM, Tenside, Tesla, Test ink, Tetrafluormethan, Textil treatment,  ThermoformingThin film technologyThornton-Diagramm, Titanium carbide, Titanium nitride, TOF-SIMS, TMMFTPA Thermoplastic Polyamide-Elastomere, TPE Thermoplastic ElastomereTurbomolecular ultra high vacuum pump


UHP, Ultra high puridity, Ultra high vacuum, ultra hydrophobicUltraviolett, UndercuttingUV-Radiation


VacuumVacuum Plasma Spraying, Vacuum chamber, Vacuum pumps, Valence, Valence electrons, Van-der-Waals-forces, Vapor Deposition, varnish, varnishing


WaferWafer etcher, washableWearout, Wetting, Wetting increase, Wetting reduce, Wetting Test, Wire Bonding


Yarn treament


Tear test