Glossary of surface technology

Synthetic fibre

Different polymers are specifically suitable for the production of textile fibre materials: Plastics based on linear, non-branched and non-crosslinked macromolecules. In fibre manufacturing, these polymers are aligned in parallel to give the plastic anisotropic properties and to significantly increase the strength and rigidity in the direction of the fibres. In particular the following polymers are suitable for this type of use:

  • polyamide  PA
  • polyethylene terphthalate   PA
  • polyacrylonitrile  PAN

There are also plastics whose fibres can additionally be stretched after the orientation of the polymers, which elongates the originally folded structure of the polymers lengthwise. This gives the initially rather weak mechanical values of the plastic receive the values of high-performance materials. The above is applicable primarily for

  • polyethylene PE
  • polyphenylene terephthalamide (PPTA aramide)

Carbon fibres are no organic fibres but are made by carbonisation of polymer fibres.

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