Glossary of surface technology

Surface coating

Components can be modified in many different ways by surface coatings. Often, surface coating by means of plasma treatment has many advantages compared to conventional methods, or makes coating technically viable at all. This is particularly true for sophisticated method for pre-coating treatment by means of plasma cleaning, plasma activation, plasma etching, micro-sandblasting, de-oxidising. Some examples for coats which can advantageously be applied by means of plasma coating: aufgebracht werden:

  • hydrophilic, hydrophobic and ultra-hydrophobic coats applied by plasma polymerisation(e.g. of HDMSO)
  • scratch-proof coating, DLC coats
  • non-friction coats
  • barrier coats
  • oxide layers
  • protective coats on complex surfaces

See the video for the principle of surface coating of fabrics

The video shows the process of surface coating tor fabrics

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