Glossary of surface technology

Plasma system

Total system for carrying out a plasma treatment. It always comprises:

  1. a plasma generator
  2. and lines for supplying power and the process gas to the plasma generator,
  3. as well as an electric control.

Special features of the low-pressure plasma system

The plasma generator is a high-frequency generator. Further components of the plasma system are a pressure-tight plasma chamber and a vacuum system. Depending on the plasma process to be executed, different plasma generators are used. High-frequency electrodes (plate electrodes or tubular electrodes) or a magnetron in case of excitation by microwave radiation. Various other components can be used as options:
  • pressure sensors
  • control valves
  • exhaust filters
  • electrical shields (Faraday cage)
  • polymer evaporator
  • product carriers

Special features atmospheric plasma

The plasma generator is a high-voltage generator. For plasma excitation, the plasma generator has two corona electrodes between which a gas discharge is initiated by the high voltage. The process gas is supplied at high pressure.

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