Glossary of surface technology

Plasma polymerisation

Coating process in which organic molecules polymerise in the plasma and deposit on a substrate. Since plasma polymerisation is initiated by breaking up the bonds in the monomer molecules, also saturated bonds can be polymerised by means of the plasma. Generally, plasma polymers have a less regular molecular structure and a higher crosslinking level than analogue polymers produced in the liquid phase. By means of plasma treatment, a wide range of surface coatings can be implemented:

  • PTFE-like coats
  • Generation of hydrophobic coats by means of HMDSO
  • Generation of hydrophilic coats with vinyl acetate
  • Epilamisation by polymerisation of fluorinated monomers (CF4)
  • Plasma-supported chemical vapour deposition processes (PACVD, PECVD)
  • Barrier coats to avoid diffusion, permeation
  • Decorative coats


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