Glossary of surface technology

Plasma indicator

Plasma indicators are simple and fast test methods for evidencing successful completion of plasma processes. If component surfaces do not exhibit the desired properties after completion of plasma treatment, customers will raise cost-intensive complaints in many cases. However, there are simple and relatively quick procedures that can be used to prove the successful completion of a plasma process.

FOR WHICH PURPOSES are they used? For checking the results of the following plasma processes: – cleaning – activation – etching WHICH types of indicators are there?

1. Plasma indicator (liquid)

The Diener electronic plasma indicator metal compound allows the users of plasma systems to see at a glance whether the plasma treatment has been completed successfully. The indicator consists of a liquid metal compound which disintegrates in the plasma. A drop of this initially transparent liquid is applied directly to the component or to a reference sample. During the plasma treatment, the spot where the indicator liquid is applied will develop a metallic shine which is clearly visible on most surfaces.

2. Plasma indicator labels

There is a dark (brown) indicator point on the coated foil covering the label which turns invisible on successful completion of the plasma process. If the indicator point is no longer visible, cleaning / activation / etching has been completed successfully.

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