Glossary of surface technology

Plasma effects

Collective term for the effects of a plasma: In the plasma, the following actions take place:

  • Excited atoms, radicals and ionswhich due to their high chemical reactivity react very strongly with the substrate surfaces in the plasma.
    This effect is used to carry out plasma etching, plasma cleaning, plasma polymerisation. Due to their high kinetic energy,
  • ions accelerated in the electric field by reason of their electric charge can have an effect like sandblasting in an atomic scale.
    This effect is used to carry out plasma cleaning and plasma etching by means of micro-sandblasting, and has an anisotropic etching effect by means of ion etching.
  • High-energy UV radiation is generated in the plasma primarily by collision between ions and electrons. The UV radiation splits molecules and is the primary reason for the formation of radicals which is the prerequisite for all chemical reactions of the plasma.

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