Glossary of surface technology

O-ring coating

O-rings and gaskets are used for example in the automotive and sanitary sector and in plant engineering. Typical materials are NBR, VMQ and other elastomers. Various production additives are used in their manufacture, such as release agents (example: silicone oil). For the next production steps, it is mandatory that no trace of the production additives remains on the elastomers since even the smallest quantities of silicone oil will contaminate the entire batch. Plasma cleaning in the vacuum completely removes all release agents on and in the material. Thus nothing prohibits the use of elastomers in critical areas such as brakes in the automotive sector. In addition, the seals can be further tempered using plasma processes: The naturally adhesive, sticky properties of sealing materials are not desirable in automated production processes. Machine-supported handling or material feed steps are difficult to carry out due to the adhesion or bonding of seals, or require a high level of mechanical effort. By plasma coating in the nano- or micro-range, the seals can be equipped with excellent non-friction properties. Now, the seals are very easy to handle and will no longer stick to each other.

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