Glossary of surface technology

Microwell plate

Sample carrier plate used primarily in biological and medical analytics. Rectangular plate made of transparent plastic with cavities for receiving organic fluids via dosing pipette.  Currently, microwell plates are also used much more often for growing biological cultures. In many cases, microwell plates undergo plasma treatment, primarily in pursuit of two goals:

  1. The size of the cavities is often in the microlitre range. If the microwell plate has a low surface energy, a drop of liquid will not stay in the cavity but roll off. The prerequisite is good wetting of the surface, which is ensured by a high surface energy.
  2. Good wetting of the surfaces strongly promotes the cell growth of the biological cultures.

Both goals are reached by hydrophiling, i.e. improving the wettability of the surface. The surface energy is increased by activation of by plasma coating. Another goal of plasma treatment is the generation of reproducible contact angles for microscopic examination.

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