Glossary of surface technology

Improved bonding

Adhesives do not adhere sufficiently to many surfaces. Prerequisite for the adhesive to bond is the complete wetting of the surface by the adhesive. In the case of unprepared surfaces, wetting is almost always disturbed by surface layers formed during storage or pre-treatment. For this reason, cleaning of the surface of separating substances is always required for any type of material, even if there is no visible contamination. Plasma cleaning can remove ultra-fine contaminations even in narrow cracks, undercuts and cavities.

Surfaces with a low surface energy must be activated in addition. This applies in particular to non-polar plastics. Activation can likewise be done in the oxygen plasma with very good results, so that it can often be completed in a single production step together with plasma cleaning.

Diener electronic offers different ways of testing the adhesion of the adhesive beforehand.Test inks with a defined surface tension are used to check whether the surface energy of a substrate is sufficient to ensure wetting by the adhesive .

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