Glossary of surface technology


An electrode is an electrically charged conductive component. Between an electrode and electric conductors of other charges, in general a second electrode (counter electrode "anode" - "cathode"), an electric field is formed. These electric fields also excite technical plasma, Here, a differentiation must be made between

  • high voltage electrodes generating local field strengths high enough to generate a plasma by gas discharge, for example in the generation of a corona or an atmospheric pressure plasma, and
  • high-frequency electrodes used to excite a plasma by means of high-frequency alternating fields. With excitation frequencies between the kilohertz and gigahertz bands , a plasma can be generated in the vacuum at lower field strengths. In this way, homogeneous plasmas can be generated in high volumes.

Various electrodes for igniting the plasma in the low-pressure chamber can be installed:

  • Tier electrode
  • Rotary drum
  • RIE electrode
  • PE mode
  • Potential-free
  • Switchable electrode configuration


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