Glossary of surface technology

Dielectric-barrier discharge

Originally called silent (inaudible) discharge and also known as ozone production discharge or partial discharge, the term ‘Dielectric-Barrier Discharge’ or the acronym DBD is commonly used today.

It describes an arrangement for gas discharge in which at least one of the excitation electrodes is insulated.

An electric field is formed also between electrically insulated electrodes. bildet sich ein elektrisches Feld aus. With a sufficiently high field strength, electric discharge occurs. Because the insulation prevents a current flow, however, no heating of the gas will occur. But the electrons still migrate to the positive electrode and cannot flow off due to the insulation. The resulting charge compensates the applied high voltage field after a very short time and extinguishes the discharge. In order to maintain the gas discharge, the excitation must take place with a high-frequency alternating voltage (kHz to MHz).

Dielectric barrier discharge in a gas jet can thus be used to generate a cold electrical plasma.

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