Glossary of surface technology


Decomposition of a material by environmental influences, mostly the decomposition of metals due to electrochemical processes. Since the corrosion of metals is generally based on their oxidation by air oxygen and is particularly accelerated in contact with water and precious metals, metals can best be protected against corrosion by sealing them with an adhesive, pore-free coating against contact with oxygen, moisture and precious metals. Also by coating with a base metal (e.g. zinc on iron), a significantly protective effect is achieved. By means of plasma processes, particularly effective corrosion protection coats can be generated because coats applied in a vacuum are particularly even and pore-free, provided the process has been carried out correctly. You can chose between plasma-based PVD and CVD processes as well as plasma polymerisations. zur Verfügung. Using this type of coats as a corrosion protection is limited by the small thickness and high prices of the coats.

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